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Now more than ever, homeowners consider the backyard space an extension of their home.

The line between indoor and outdoor spaces is no longer definite. People want to spend more downtime outdoors enjoying the fresh air, but still enjoy the luxury and comfort of their indoor spaces.

At Ziegler Remodeling, we’ve been building decks, porches and other outdoor fixtures for over 25 years. Creating backyard spaces is one of our many areas of expertise when it comes to home renovation and construction. To get the most out of your backyard living space, consider these popular trends and tips.


This year, we’ve noticed a growing trend to bring indoor living spaces to the outdoors. More patios and decks are being decorated with comfy and decorative cushions. Patio furniture is being layered with throw pillows and blankets. As you design your backyard space, consider furniture as well as building materials that are built to stand up to outdoor conditions but look like they could just as easily go inside. Thanks to advances in outdoor fabrics and textures, it is a lot easier to find high-quality outdoor materials that don’t feel rough and stiff.


Even the tiniest details, such as deck railings, can maximize backyard space and functionality. Recently, there has been an increased interest in cocktail railings. These are flat surfaces that are added at the top of railings. They allow guests and homeowners to set glasses down so they can mingle and enjoy the view hands-free.


As the price of outdoor TVs drops, more homeowners are interested in backyard entertainment centers. With the proper weather-resistant seating and technology, you can have a fully functional outdoor theater. You can watch the football game or have a family movie night under the stars with the same comfort of an indoor theater. If you want to use the space year-round, you may want to consider enclosing it in a four seasons room.


Pergolas and gazebos have long been key features of luxurious backyard spaces. They offer shade and style to any outdoor area. Gazebos may offer more in terms of shelter from rain, but pergolas are quickly becoming a design centerpiece. Some homeowners choose to decorate them with vines or curtains that easily grab the attention of visitors. Covering an outdoor dining area or living area with a well-decorated pergola can create an attention-grabbing focal point in your backyard space as well as a beautiful setting to entertain guests and family.


If you are working with a smaller backyard space, one way to make the most of it is to create multiple levels. Instead of a plain, flat surface, steps and levels can create more seating options as well an eye-catching aesthetic. Plus, with different levels, each one can be designed to fit a certain functionality or style. You may want to keep guest seating and entertainment at one level and a pool or garden at another.


A well-designed fireplace is usually the focal point in a living space. However, they aren’t just exclusive to indoors. More homeowners are showing interest in outdoor fireplaces or pits. Gather around the fire, toast marshmallows or simply warm up and enjoy the backyard view. There are custom built-in fireplaces and free-standing fireplaces or pits to consider. As you can imagine, the custom built-in fireplaces can be more expensive, but they can be a huge selling point for homebuyers.


Outdoor kitchens are a hot commodity. They are perhaps the feature that every homeowner dreams about having in a backyard, along with a pool and ample space to host friends and family. Homeowners can entertain more guests by hosting cookouts and parties in their backyard, as well as sit down for an outdoor brunch or dinner with just their family.

Plus, outdoor kitchens have evolved greatly. They don’t just consist of a bar and grill area. Modern outdoor kitchens can be outfitted with refrigerators, sinks, storage, dishwashers, and even beer taps and wine chillers. Almost everything that you have in an indoor kitchen and more, can be installed to create a state-of-the-art outdoor equivalent.


Although many overlook lighting, it plays a crucial role in the ambience and design of an outdoor area. When designed and installed strategically, it can even maximize your backyard space. Great lighting makes the backyard a safe and fun place to hang out into the evening and night.

Lighting can be used to highlight points of interest, such as statues, fountains or garden plants. Fireplaces also provide outdoor lighting and draw attention. If you have multi-levels or steps, it is important to install lighting that makes those areas visible during night. Not only is it important for safety reasons, but it sets a welcoming environment. Another consideration is the light colors. Warm hues may be more comforting but blue hues also create a moonlight aesthetic.


One of our most common backyard projects is the four seasons room. These are also called a 4 season room, all-season or year round room. Homeowners can use them during all four seasons. They are built into your home with the same features and commodities like heating and HVAC.

However, they are porches fitted with screens and windows. In the summer and spring months they can serve as an open porch. In the winter, they can be enclosed and heated using your home’s existing system. This way, families and kids don’t have to give up backyard time during winter months or inclement weather. A four seasons room offers year-round outdoor space with indoor comfort.

The backyard is not separate from your home. In fact, the main trend in backyard spaces revolves around seamlessly connecting outdoor with indoor living. To get the most out of your outdoor spaces and create a more inviting and functional backyard environment, contact the professionals at Ziegler Remodeling.

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