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A kitchen remodel is one of the most valuable investments that a homeowner can make. In fact, according to the 2017 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling Magazine, even a minor kitchen remodel can return 80% on investment on average.

We’ve been remodeling homes for over 31 years at Ziegler Remodeling. Through the years, we’ve worked on a wide array of kitchen features and designs. If you are thinking about updating your kitchen space, consider adding these creative and functional features.


One of the most important qualities a kitchen should have is lots of storage space. Our design team is always on the lookout for creative ways that homeowners can maximize the space that they have in their home. One way to do that in the kitchen is to install drawers in cabinet baseboards.

These are the shallow spaces between the cabinet and the flooring. Usually it is just dead space. With some renovation, they can be fully functional storage drawers for baking dishes, pet bowls and other items you may not use everyday.


There are few things more frustrating than searching for a certain spice or snack food in a cluttered kitchen cabinet. You have to move items around and it often turns into a cluttered mess. Instead, install a rotating shelf, also called a lazy Susan. You can store more in corners and tight spaces and quickly find what you’re looking for just by rotating it.


From coffee makers to juicers, we all have kitchen appliances that we love to use. However, when they are just sitting on the counter, they can be an eyesore. Not to mention, they are taking up valuable counter space. Even storing them in a cabinet can get to be a hassle after a while. Every time you want to use an appliance, it may require you to pull it out, plug it into an outlet, then wrap it back up and put it away again.

It may not be a significant inconvenience, but it is an easily solved one. With an appliance garage, you can tuck appliances away when you are not using them, and easily slide them out when you are. The best part is that they can be designed with an outlet in place, so you don’t have to worry about constantly searching for and moving it to an available outlet.


One of the kitchen features we highly recommend are double ovens. They add a sleek look plus offer homeowners more flexibility when cooking. If you are entertaining guests, you can cook several dishes at the same time without worrying about switching temperatures. They are also easier to use than traditional ovens, in which you are straining your back and bending to remove hot dishes.


For large appliances, like refrigerators and stoves, built-in spaces are the most visually appealing. They conceal the back wiring and also help save floor space.


Although you’ll want to hide some kitchen items away, others can make the space more visually appealing when displayed in a china cabinet. Especially if you have an all white kitchen, built-in china cabinets with glass or french doors can really tie the room together and add a touch of sophistication.


Today, most kitchens don’t feel complete without a beautiful center island. In fact, it has become a home necessity for many. The National Association of Home Builders, reports that 76% of home buyers consider a central island essential to the kitchen, and with good reason.

It adds ample counter and work space to the room and can be used as an informal dining spot for family and friends. Since it is the focal point of the kitchen, it is important to design it with quality countertop materials. Marble, granite and quartz are top choices. You can also be creative and add a breakfast bar, an additional sink, stovetop and other built-in features.


There are many nooks and corners in a kitchen, so having different types of lighting in multiple areas is important. In areas that will be frequently used for cooking and preparing such as a sink, center island, table, counters and other work surfaces, you need sufficient lighting overhead. Recessed lights can help with general lighting and ambience. Chandelier lighting above tables and islands offers great task lighting and is an attention-grabbing room fixture.

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