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Now the temperatures are dropping, it's now the perfect time to start thinking about renovating the outside of your home, including your patio. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy a fire in the cold winter months? It’s all possible if you start your project now.



Your patio is a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities of what you can accomplish with the space you have outside. A patio renovation is different because you don’t have to worry so much about a structure that’s already there.

Before even thinking about tearing up the grass in your backyard. Come up with an overall plan of the outcome of your patio renovation. Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail."

If you’re unsure where to start, Ziegler Remodeling will get you in the right direction. The patio deck renovation of your dreams is within your reach.


Temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. Expect your outdoor patio to get hit with rain, hail, snow, and more. Whatever materials you decide to invest in will have to handle everything mother nature throws its way.

Here are some of the most popular materials:

- Pressure Treated Lumber: This is an inexpensive option for your patio deck renovation. However, it does not stand up to the elements very well. Expect to re-stain every couple of years as the color begins to fade.

- Tropical Hardwoods: Exotic woods like cumaru, tigerwood, and ipe are great options because they are resistant to insects like pesky termites and rot. Tropical hardwoods also add a unique touch that will make your patio stand out from your neighbors.

- Composite Decking: A combination of wood fibers and recycled product create a product that is weather resistant. From a distance, you won’t be able to tell whether it’s wood or not. Because of the structure, composite decking doesn’t stain or crack which means it is low maintenance.

- Pavers: These add elegance to any outside décor. Line up the pavers as part of a walkway with outdoor lighting to give you a pathway to your patio oasis.

- Stacked Stone: Pull out the marshmallows. Stacked stones are perfect for fireplaces, fire pits and retaining walls.


One problem with an outdoor patio is that you are outdoors. The elements will continue to challenge all the work you put into your renovated deck. That include the critters that will continue to harass you unless you have some defense mechanism in the works.

The peskiest of them all ticks and mosquitos. These bugs carry diseases that can affect your family’s health and they are a nuisance. While Off Spray on tap is an excellent idea, consider other solutions like citronella candles and torches. Not only do they light up your backyard but they protect your family from bugs.

If it’s not already part of your plan, screening in your patio deck or creating a sunroom will keep all kinds of critters out of your sanctuary. Gliding or French doors help bring the outside in and provide convenient access to your new deck or patio. If you want the true indoor/outdoor experience, install hinged doors, which will cover one wall of your home and can open completely to the outdoors. No matter what type of doors or windows you choose, adding unobtrusive or retractable screens will keep bugs from invading your home.


Your back patio is a functional space where your family can spend cooler nights outside enjoying the weather. Finding the right furniture and fixtures is key to making it an area you will want to continue to enjoy. Your newly renovated patio deck is a place where you are proud to show off to your friends, and you will enjoy by yourself.

When planning your patio deck, think about how you dream to utilize its new features. Are you going to cook outside? How much seating do you need? Where is the hammock going to go?

Answer all of your questions before going shopping for a contractor. Understanding your needs will keep you prepared for the times a salesperson will try to push you into patio furniture you don't need. Though it might look great at the time, does it fit into your overall plan of the final product? Choose comfort for the long run, not high-end aesthetics for now.


As mentioned before, choosing products that will withstand the fluctuation in temperatures, rain and snow, and critters like termites is important for the lifespan of your renovated patio deck. But the work does not stop there. You will have to continue to maintain your patio for the long haul.

When planning for your new space, think about how often you will sustain the deck. If you want to install a pool, remember the commitment it will take so your family can swim year-round. If you want to go for pressure treated lumber, you will have to keep an eye on cracks and invest in staining it for years to come. Your investment into your patio will dictate the amount of work you will accomplish to keep your patio looking pristine.

Sometimes investing in quality products will give you peace of mind for the future to come. Like any renovation, you will not be able to occupy that space until the project is completed, leaving your home a construction zone. Choose a patio deck renovation that you can enjoy for a least five years before you decide to rip it up again. There are plenty of other projects in your home that will need your attention.

The Ziegler Remodeling are professionals at any renovation, especially patio decks. If you need assistance on planning, contact the Ziegler Remodeling today for a FREE in home consultation. They will guide you where you want to go to get the patio you have always dreamed of having.

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