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Now is a great time to remodel your home. Many materials are lower in price this year, and it is easier than ever to connect with a professional remodeling company. Bathrooms are one of the most popular renovation projects we do at Ziegler Remodeling. In fact, industry-wide, they are top of mind. In the first quarter of 2017, the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) reported that bathroom remodels (80%) were the second most requested projects behind kitchens (81%).

According to the latest industry reports, bathroom remodels can cost anywhere from $3K to $14K. Last year, the national average spend on a master bathroom remodel was $11.7K. Depending on how much work you plan on doing and the materials you plan to use, it can be more. However, homeowners can recoup as much as 64.8% on their investment. It may not be as much as adding siding or insulation projects would, but it is a much more exciting project that will ultimately increase the comfort of your home.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, it is important to be up-to-date on the modern design trends. Ziegler Remodeling has been constructing and renovating entire homes for over 25 years. As we take on new bathroom remodels, we make note of the latest, in-demand features and trends for homeowners.


For decades now, granite has been the most popular choice for countertops. However, in recent years, more people are gravitating to quartz. Granite is still a solid choice for homeowners, but it’s been around for so long that some are considering it old. Quartz countertops are sleek, durable and considered the new must-have surface material.


Bland bathroom wall tiles are out. Texture, color, pattern and unique designs are in. Whether it’s an accent wall, backsplash or shower room, homeowners are getting more creative with their bathroom. Here are some of the top tile trends right now:

  • Mermaid: The mermaid trend has officially made it into bathrooms. A number of people are using tiles that resemble the vibrant blue and green scales of mermaids and fish.

  • Natural stone and brick: Both styles create a more rugged, natural aesthetic that homeowners are gravitating towards.

  • Arabesque: Geometric and Mediterranean style patterns in the home are growing more popular. Neutral or vibrant colored arabesque tiles can be found in many modern bathroom designs.

  • 3-Dimensional: For the more gutsy homeowner, 3D tiles are a hot commodity. The texture grabs attention, adds depth and character to a room.

Note: The more intricate the design, the more difficult it is to install. We advise contacting a professional, like those at Ziegler Remodeling to install tiles in your bathroom. Otherwise, you end up paying for expensive tiles and installing them at the wrong size and fit, essentially losing money and time. Not to mention, it will take longer if you try to do-it-yourself and there are special coatings you need for longevity and safety.


Over the years, showers have become more and more important to homeowners than the standard bathtub. Some are investing in luxurious shower rooms with multiple showerheads. Yet, many are still fond of tubs and want them for the occasional soak. As a compromise, homeowners have started to combine the shower and bathtub area to create one big wet room.


Unsurprisingly, smart technology is in-demand throughout homes. In the bathroom, homeowners are having wireless speakers, TVs and Bluetooth devices installed. Some are taking it to a whole other level with high-tech toilets. It may sound silly now, but there is a growing market for toilets with built-in deodorizer, seat warming, even mood-setting music, and other bells and whistles. In Japan, they are the norm, but in the U.S., they’ve started to build interest with everyone from Madonna to Leonardo DiCaprio owning one.


There are few things more comforting than a warm heated floor on your toes when you step out of the bath or shower. Instead of the ice cold tiles of the past, many homeowners are opting for radiant heated flooring. Although it is possible to install heated flooring throughout the home, the more budget-conscious reserve it for the bathroom. When installing heated flooring, it is important to note that there are two major types, hydronic and electric.

Electric heating is easier to install and lower in cost because it is powered by your house’s existing electrical system. Hydronic heating uses water and needs a separate pump. It is more expensive to install, but it can save homeowners money over time, because it consumes less energy.

The type that you use can depend on a number of factors including energy efficiency, cost and longevity. However, if you work with a contractor, they should help you decide the best option for your budget and goals.


In design, details are key. You may not notice how much something as simple as towel holders, faucets, and cabinet handles impact the look and feel of a space, but they do. Plus, these are items that you probably touch everyday, so the materials and finishes you use are worth some consideration, right?

When it comes to faucet selection, brass seems to be this year’s go-to. The warm hue is visually appealing and goes with all types of designs.


Vanities combine style and function. Having a dedicated vanity gives you a space in the bathroom where you can store and easily access items that you use everyday. More homeowners are seeing the perks of having one, especially with a 360 mirror and great lighting, it can be the perfect place to put yourself together for the day.

Vanities have existed for ages, but they have also been revamped with modern designs and features. For instance, floating vanities may cut down on cabinet storage, but they open up the room and create more space.

If you want to modernize your home and increase comfort, consider a bathroom remodel. With the latest trends and the professional remodelers at Ziegler Remodeling, you can create a bathroom space that you’ll want to show off and never want to leave.

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