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Revamping your kitchen with the hottest, new trend may look cool and edgy, but only for a short window of time. When short-lived trends fade, you're left with an outdated space that you’ll have to remodel again in a few years or less. (Think about the house trends of the 70s. Those nauseating green and yellow colors seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Some kitchen features and designs may seem appealing when they spike in popularity, but it’s important to consider longevity as well. Is it functional and will it boost the value of your home even after a few years? Ziegler Remodeling has been in the home remodeling business for over 25 years, so we’ve seen countless kitchen fads come and go.

There are the kitchen trends that have lasted the test of time and still remain solid choices for homeowners.


You can’t go wrong with an all-white kitchen. It is perhaps the most common style requested by homeowners, largely because it is a long-lasting classic and even smarter investment. In fact, white was the standard back in 1920s and 30s.

Flash forward to today--nearly a century later--and it is still the most popular choice. All-white also gives that welcoming, fresh and clean feeling that people like in high traffic areas of the home. If you are working with a smaller space, the white can help open it up as natural light bounces off it.

If you aren’t thrilled by all-white, try neutral color palettes. Bright colors like blues, reds, yellows and more tend to go out of style quickly. Neutral shades of gray and beige are considered as future-proof as all-white.


Stainless steel appliances, sinks and other fixtures have been around for years, and they aren’t going anywhere. They are durable, and look sleek with all types of kitchen layouts and designs.

Smudging is sometimes a concern for homeowners, who fear they’ll need to frequently wipe down stainless steel surfaces to keep them looking sleek. However, as the market grows sand manufacturers develop better quality materials with smudge resistance, there’s less to worry about. You may be interested in black stainless steel as an alternative, but the traditional finish will always be a strong choice.


Homeowners like the airy, bright aesthetic that is created with ample natural light sources. In the kitchen, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. The natural lighting is great for helping you see easily when cleaning, preparing meals, and cooking.

Large windows can bring a lot of natural light into the kitchen and an open layout allows more to pour in and spread out. It is also a long-standing trend to have plenty of indoor light sources to supplement the natural ones for cleaning and food preparation throughout the day. Ceiling, hanging, under cabinet and even in-drawer lights are becoming key staples of a long-lasting design.


Two lasting trends that open up the kitchen space are glass door cabinets and open shelves. The earliest kitchens had open shelves and there has been a big resurgence in recent years. Glass doors also add a classic elegance and because you can see through them, they make the space seem larger.

However, to avoid a messy or cluttered look, most homeowners need to have a neat system of organization for storing dishes and other supplies. Some like to have dishes that are all the same color or that follow a color palette. If that seems like too much, don’t fret. Most people will pair open shelves and glass cabinet doors with covered ones, which is why this trend has stuck around for so long.


Not only does an island help tie the room together and act as a great place for friends and family to gather around on holidays or just a morning brunch, it adds coveted countertop space. With a lot of work surfaces and space, kitchens can boost your overall home value. Paired with some bar stools, they can also add seating. You can even add storage space by having a remodeling company install them with drawers.


In the kitchen, storage and countertop prep areas have long been the most important and sought-after features. Homeowners want to utilize all every square foot that they have available, which means creating more places to store away appliances, supplies and other items. Well-designed kitchens are open, with as little clutter as possible. Of course, this is because they are equipped with hidden storage so appliances can be easily stowed away and taken out when in use. Hidden storage is more creative than the pull out drawers and rotating shelves too. There are drawers in baseboards, appliance garages and more.


According to the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, sinks are the third most updated feature, behind backsplashes and countertops. Deep sinks align function and fashion. They look great, and they make it easier to clean food and prep meals, especially if you are using large pots. Right now, they are popping up in the farmhouse kitchen trend, but the sinks themselves will outlast.


Also in the Houzz study, quartz and marble countertops reigned supreme. This comes as no surprise though, they’ve been the materials of choice for years now. Both provide durable and sleek-looking surfaces and are in high demand for kitchen remodels. Marble can be more expensive but it is considered one of the most high-end materials to use, and should definitely be installed by professionals. For a more budget-friendly countertop that is as sturdy, quartz seems to be the go-to alternative.

Jumping on the latest kitchen trends is not the wisest choice for homeowners. It can hurt your home value over time, and you’ll need to remodel it again in a few years, which will cost more money and inconvenience. To avoid having to remodel sooner than you intended, we recommend incorporating timeless kitchen designs and features. For more tips on renovation or to schedule an in-house consultation, contact the experts at Ziegler Remodeling.

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